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Mobile Pallet Rack

Mobile pallet rack optimizes space requirements for any organization.  By reducing aisle space requirements, mobile pallet rack can maintain current storage capacity within a 50% reduced footprint or nearly double storage capacity within the existing footprint.  The systems offer a maximum amount of flexibility with respect to size and quality of your stored goods which may vary from food and beverages, apparel, automotive parts, aerospace parts, medical device equipment and more. 

Cold Storage

Mobile pallet rack is an ideal solution for cold storage applications as organizations look to maximize cubic storage capacity within chilled and deep freeze facilities.  Integration with conveyance technology, automated guided vehicles (AGV's) and warehouse management software (WMS), allows organizations to utilize mobile pallet rack to its fullest potential while maintaining a safe work environment for operating personnel.  

Safe Work Environments

The mobile pallet rack systems are equipped with emergency stop buttons, photoelectric access barriers, manual release systems, proximity sensors as well as photoelectric safety barriers. All of these features ensure that the mobile pallet rack system contributes significantly to the smooth and safe working environment of your warehouse. 

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