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CI Group provides all the services, parts and support needed to keep material handling systems running at optimal efficiency.

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As an expert in warehouse storage and logistics, The CI Group helps organizations increase operation efficiency with material handling solutions tailored to your needs.  Our team collaborates closely with the client to understand the unique challenges the organization is facing and responds with the right solution designed to allow the client to achieve a higher level of success.



Delivery and installation is a critical phase of any project. Our project managers coordinate the schedule and manage installation teams to ensure deadlines are met. With strategic planning and execution, we ensure your distribution center or warehouse will be fully functional on schedule. Our team of professional installers are trained in all systems and equipped with the right tools. They meet with the project team before the start of installation to coordinate a safe, cost effective process. 



We provide you with preventive maintenance and service programs that extends the life of our automated storage systems and minimize the potential for downtime in your operations. The preventative maintenance and service programs are tailored to the specific requirements of the client and the equipment in operation.  Our factory-trained and certified technicians can inspect each piece of equipment and proactively address those minor maintenance issues before they escalate into expensive and unplanned outages.



Our designers are dedicated to innovation and attention to detail, partnering with our clients to develop their project scope, system design, and equipment specification, all while taking into consideration your unique business needs. By using advanced technology, the design team is able to create detailed presentations that include 2D CAD plans, 3D drawings and renderings which provide realistic visuals of your material handling system and how it relates to your warehouse or distribution center. 



System training is a critical step in the implementation of any material handling system. The addition of new material handling equipment and warehouse management software comes with a level of excitement for any organization but can also bring a level of intimidation to any operator. Our team of experts take the time to properly educate each client on the equipment specified in the new system design.  As the material handling system is then installed and completed, our team of experts train your staff how to successfully execute and manage the system.  Often times our training instructors will divide your team into groups including but not limited to: supervisors, operators and maintenance personnel.  This approach allows the system training program to be tailored to each specific group so they understand the overall operations of the material handling system and how it impacts his or her role.  As an organization’s level of sophistication grows through the implementation of automated storage and retrievals systems driven by our warehouse management software, the system training program ensures the knowledge and comfort level of our clients grows along with its system’s capabilities.

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With our expert pallet rack inspection service, we will perform a thorough inspection of your pallet racking to identify damaged components, improperly loaded pallets, and missing safety features that are creating unsafe working conditions for your employees. Safety issues can easily go unnoticed by the untrained eye, but our experienced professionals can identify and help you resolve the issues in order to maintain a safe working environment.

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