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Wire Partitions & Machine Guarding

Our wire mesh partitions, sheet metal partitions, machine guarding and DEA Cages enhance the security and safety of any environment.  Ideally suited for guarding conveyors, robots, strapping machines and automated equipment, our modular wire partition systems and machine guarding are engineered to help you set up a protected area quickly and easily. Perimeter machine guards and wire partitions also boast a sturdy, all-steel construction, are wear-resistant and require no maintenance, saving you valuable production time and money.


Suited for pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical facilities, and law enforcement our DEA Cages meet the requirements of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration’s physical security requirements, limiting access to narcotics and evidence.

Our sheet metal partitions offer the same trusted protection as our wire mesh enclosures with added benefits of privacy, noise reduction and weld flash protection. Add Lexan panels to the system configuration to open the field of vision without sacrificing the benefits of security and noise reduction.

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